Friday, 27 January 2012

Daisy's Cafe - Hoe Street

Daisy's cafe is one of a few bright oases scattered among the pizza and fried chicken shops that make up the otherwise uninviting stretch of Hoe Street that leads from the Lloyd park end of town up to the station (Le Delice and L'hirondelle being a couple of the others). The cafe has an ever-changing selection of quirky decorations, toys and jewellery for sale which are scattered around the walls and give the place a really interesting vibe. The staff are really lovely, friendly and laid back. I normally pop in at lunchtimes for a tea and panini, and often end up bringing home a slice of one of the excellent homemade cakes from the main counter. Definitely worth a visit!
You can find Daisy's cafe at 176 Hoe Street
Goats cheese + chargrilled vegetable panini (with optional Worcester sauce flavour crisps!)

**UPDATE 7th Feb 2012**

Daisy's cafe appears to be up for sale! A for sale sign appeared outside at the weekend.....lets hope they can find a buyer and keep the place going.

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  1. That stretch of Hoe Street is a lot more "inviting" than the southerly section, I have to say! I've lived on side roads at both ends and much prefer the shops up the end you're talking about! :-)