Friday, 17 June 2011

Kimchi sliders - Korean fusion food at the Rose and Crown

Slider order form
I'm a huge fan of south-east asian food, so when I saw that the Rose and Crown had a new Korean fusion food night starting up called 'Kimchi Sliders', I knew I would have to go and check it out. I had never heard of sliders before, but these were a type of korean street food, all kinds of hot fillings barbecued and served in bread buns.
Kimchi sliders is a new venture from Danny and Sarah at, a couple who lived in Korea for 2 years and brought back their passion for food with them to share with us lucky Walthamstow'ers. We placed our food order on a cute little form which we handed in at the bar, everything on the menu looked yummy but I went for pulled pork with ginger coleslaw, and kimchi and bacon. The lovely Sarah brought us our sliders soon afterwards, and I have to say they were delicious! The slow cooked pulled pork was amazingly tender with zingy homemade ginger coleslaw. Also the kimchi in the bacon slider was great, very authentic tasting which I was impressed by as making kimchi at home seems a rather complicated process involving fermenting jars of spicy cabbage!
The street foodie guys are hoping to make a regular appearance at the rose and Crown on Thursday evenings from 6-10pm so make sure to pop in and check them out.  

Our sliders and cute burger-shaped sweets


  1. n.b. Sliders themselves are not Korean - they're American, and it just means a small burger. See cult burger chain White Castle for the original slider! Obviously in this case the fillings are Korean-inspired, and I would love to try them!

  2. Thanks for the message Laura - I've obviously been missing out on a whole burger subculture! Will have to try out White Castle :)

  3. That's a huge burger. I will try it once. I recommend ChefOnline as a platform to everyone who wants to order takeaway food online