Monday, 5 November 2012

The Bell re-opening November 2012

The Bell pub, on the corner of Forest Road and Hoe street has been pretty much my local pub for the last 6 years. In all that time I think I only ventured inside once, found it to be generally quite run down and uninviting, and never went back. However, this summer the Bell closed for several months for refurbishment, and had it's much anticipated re-opening last week. The place was completely packed on opening night, including quite a large number of young trendies, which I cant ever imagine would have set foot in the old pub!

The bar area now looks open and inviting, with a wide selection of real ales and decent wines on offer. Signs in the bar indicate that they hope to start serving food soon, and I think the Bell would be a perfect place for a leisurely Sunday pub lunch.

The Bell refurbishment has been part of a very welcome series of improvements to several E17 pubs including the Cock and the Chequers on the High Street. 

You can find further details on the Bell here:


  1. Went there this afternoon-very nice pub.
    Loads of comfy sofas,good range of real ales-a lot of families with young kids,but a range of other people as well.
    No food at the mo but if they sort it out foodwise and its good this place could be a real gem.

  2. I remember the day I first set foot there - a rainy October day back in 2004 after leaving the studio.. Lots of good memories, but a husk of a pub towards the end..

    Glad it's alive again with new owners who can give it the love it deserves!
    good luck to Hoe St from one end to the other!

  3. The Bell kitchen is now fully up and running and I am happy to report that the evening food is fantastic! Some of the best pub food I've had around here.